Whose Quincy Cicilia ?

I'm a young professional born in Curacao , Willemstad  ( 1994 )

at the age of 16 I started doing DJ for small local house party’s and  friends .

just one year later I played for the first time in the Harvest Festival Parade  - ( 2012 )

after 2 years I start playing for some clubs , private party's and charity events .

in ( 2016 ) -  I played in the Curacao carnival teener parade .

I’m doing DJ and Production ; par time / just for a hobby .

I offer affordable DJ / Production service for both consumer and business clients .

I can offer sound system - big screens - LED lighting - audio and video steaming - trussing and much more.

the benefits of choosing my service are :

I'm currently studying Media Entertainment Management and my service is currently in development .

That means you get quality and innovative service on a low price .

if you want to know more about each service i offer please click on SERVICE  

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