Meet me and my professionals

I offer the ability to schedule in-person
face-to-face meetings or video call.

Live streaming

I can help you stream your special day and
share it with those who for whatever reason, cannot be present. It is your wedding and our service can spread the happiness of your day to all your loved ones, locally or abroad.

I will stream your wedding via the Internet.

Special Effects

Dancing on cloud

that magical touch and makes for amazing First Dance pictures. If you are great dancers it will take your first dance to another level. If you aren't the best dancers in the world it will make your first dance special without adding the pressure to impress your guests with your moves.

Up lighting

RGB LED lights feature a

built-in digital display to select a static color or pattern. Choose from these 7 built-in colors: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan (light blue), Magenta (this color can sometimes appear purple and sometimes more pink depending on the ambient light in your room), Yellow, White.

Wedding services


I use virtual and line array
speakers to make sure you
always get the best sound
at your party.

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